Monday, July 31, 2006

How I found Unicode Malayalam and started writing online again

Jassi was the first person who told me about how to make documents in HTML. That time in late 1995 or 1996, we were working at an offshore center of an American company in Pune, and I had been using the Mosaic browser on Solaris without knowing much about the underlying HTML format, and yet to recover from the thrill of running Netscape successfully on a Windows 3.1 machine.

I was instantly hooked. I bought a PC for Rs.80,000/- on loan and began hand-coding my home homepage using Notepad, even at home. (I almost abandoned that site after few years, when HTML editors made homepage making so easy, but it is still out there.) The PC was bought with the intention of writing many things to post them on the web, at a time when the blog was not invented. I did few things which you can find out. I wish blog had been available then. At least I could save my 80K which I could afford to pay back only after moving to the U.S. , few months after buying the PC.

For some reason I could never get started on blogging. Today my brother Jeomon forwarded me a link to a Malayalam blog and that just reminded me how much behind I am in terms keeping track of the technologies that I fascinated me few years ago.

This is my humble attempt to catch up. I intend to continue blogging in Malayalam. So, my next objective is to get something blogged on this page in Malayalam.

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